Where are you in your heart today? Are there issues that have weighed you down for years? Is there a weight of pain that has not been lifted from you that still causes you to reject new people in your life? All of us carry certain weights and pains from past experiences with people that many times result in us staying away from anything and anyone who may be perceived as coming too close to our "space."

God has breathed a message that Plumbline Ministries is carrying across America and the world that is bringing RELEASE to many people who have either never heard the true Gospel of Freedom or have been shielded from this foundational truth of Christianity.

Find out when Bishop Collett is in your area and get to the meeting and hear and receive a fresh Word from God on the very purpose of Christ resurrecting from the dead. You need no longer to live with hurt, bitterness, strife and unforgiveness in your life. Christ has come to "Breath on you" and it is time to inhale what He has exhaled on this earth.

Plumbline Ministries International


... some words for His Glory ...

The artist comes at life with a vision all their own, with an originality they didn’t necessarily ask for, nor one they can simply shoo away or ignore. The musician, the actor, the dramatist, the painter, the sculptor, the scriptwriter, the dancer, the filmmaker, the poet, all peek out at life from a different window, and at angles that are uncommon. Their motivations, their needs, their desires are simply not like those of others. It doesn’t make the artist better or worse, but it does make them different. In a spiritual context something else engages, and that is the prophetic or deep utterance. I know of no one better able to nurture, to equip, and to simply understand the artist than Bishop Ron Collett. I have known Ron for years myself, ministered with him, laughed and wept with him, spent time in his home, and under his counsel, and I have discovered that even Ron’s most casual word has resonance within me like few men have had in my life. Nothing falls to the ground. I find food has been put on my plate, food I wasn’t even aware I needed, and simply because someone recognized the unfed thing in me. Ron Collett is steeped in the prophetic life. His words are seasoned, rich in meaning, which allows him to address the inward struggle of the artist with the necessary finesse and authority they need to prosper in their calling.

~ David Teems ~


When I was at probably my lowest time in my life, I met Bishop Ron at a meeting at New Life Ministries in Morgantown, WV. It was December of 2008. At the end of the service he prayed over me. I had secretly told the Lord that night that I was desperate for a touch from Heaven. You see, I was overwhelmed with grief. My pastor, mother, mentor, and friend had gone to be with the Lord. It was over 3 years, but I still hadn’t gotten over it.

When Bishop spoke over me, he said – “there is no distance in the spirit – are you separated from someone you love?” Of course I cried and cried. After I told what was going on with me, he prayed for me, and the words of encouragement were just what I needed! I was so thankful to the man of God for imparting strength and wisdom also, as he shared about his similar experience of losing his father in the Lord also.


There were words over my husband also that night confirming what was in our hearts. We had an instant connection. There was more to come.


In June of 2009 we had the honor and privilege to have Bishop come to our church to minister. Although I no longer was struggling with grief, thank God, I had been physically sick with several different problems and some very severe attacks for too long! Some were very serious. It was even affecting me mentally at this point. I was weak, tired, and I kept thinking, things have got to change! God, I knew had deliverance for me, but I just couldn’t seem to receive it to the fullness. This, of course brought great discouragement. I knew I had a call on my life and I was so frustrated because I started to wonder how I would ever get “there”. The challenges were exhausting to me and I saw they were wearing on my wonderful, faithful and supportive husband. Even he was getting tired.  I lost sight of my vision. At that point I could see the church prospering with my husband as pastor, but I wasn’t certain that I could rise up to be the co-pastor I was called to be.  I was almost convinced to give up my call and position in ministry and just be a “good pastor’s wife.”


I knew how to stand on the Word and stand in faith, but I also knew that there were times when you need a strong anointing to break the power of the enemy. I needed help. I did go to several ministries for help and did get help, but victory was only temporary.


In my spirit, I was expecting when Bishop Ron came to Rock Family Church. And yet, the darts of the enemy would come and say… you had hands laid on you before… you’ll be okay for a day or two and then it will be the same old stuff … I refused to think on these thoughts that came.


From the beginning of the service, Bishop’s anointing was so powerful; I knew that I was finally going to be set free. The service had just started and he called me out. Thank you Lord. He prophesied and prayed and even placed an anointed handkerchief on my head declaring the Word of the Lord over me, declaring “a new day”, “a turn around”, “transformation and healing and restoration” and even said that it would be so visible that it would be evident to all. He stated also under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost that I would be the first one and then it would continue through the church body.


He started to speak my vision out and I could feel it growing back in my heart. It hadn’t died! It was just dormant. I could feel restoration and healing coming to my soul. He even said that it would take a few days for me to recover from the anointing that came upon me and to be patient. Sure enough, it was a few days before I could start to see what had happened. I could go on and on and on.


I am a new woman of God. It has been three months now and I am so thankful for what is happening. There are really no words to explain the transformation in my life. Every day is getting better and better. My marriage is stronger. My body is healed. My emotions are stable. My vision is clear and I am focused. My head is clear. I can think straight. I am hungry for the Word of God. I enjoy prayer and worship. I am looking forward to every day. I see the future as being bright again. I am thankful for the call of God on my life. I thank God every morning. It is a wonderful thing to WANT to get out of bed in the morning. Something as simple as that is wonderful.


And yes, there are others that are starting to receive the same turn breakthrough and around in their life. Just like God said through Bishop.


And so … I want to say thank you. Thank you for answering the call of God on your life. Thank you for all the sacrifice and for the price you paid for God to be able to use you and trust you in the way He does. It isn’t cheap and it doesn’t come easy, but thank you. Your reward shall be great on earth and in Heaven. And thank you to your wife. Thank you to the woman of God who has stood at your side. Thank you.  Only you and God know the price she also has paid. I am a transformed life. My ministry has been resurrected. God will surely reward your faithfulness!


We love you and thank God for the relationship God has given to us. May God’s richest blessings be upon you and your loved ones. May everything you set your hands to prosper. May your lives be full of the love of God, peace, joy and abundance in every area of your life!


With love and respect,


~ Lydia Shriver ~



The true voice of God, sent prophetically as a messenger, through man's mouth, is invaluable! God knows me better than I know myself. I don't have to try to comb through years of experiences in an effort to explain who I am, what I've learned, how I've failed, why I suffer and where I've overcome. The Lord knows it all and in an instant, His word to my spirit, through man's audible vocal cords can give me an instruction and directive full of that knowledge of who I am and what I need. Bishop Ron Collett has been one of the most important prophetic voices on my journey and I am so thankful for God's gift in him.

~Jill Riley-Welch ~